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Semyung High Tech provides the following services, based on its logical 
and effective management system and years of experience.


We suggest directions that convey our customers’ intentions and meet their demands by observing individual products and identifying all potential flaws in design, production, installation, and test running well in advance.


We calculate all relevant methods, environments, and conditions to suggest the ideal lay-out for maximum efficiency.

Semyung High Tech is a company that pays attention to even the smallest details.

Design & Simulation

We firmly believe that the best type of equipment is trouble-free equipment. In order to provide our clients with the best equipment possible, we correct any and all the problems identified in the review process in our design and complete all necessary simulations. Based on our years of experience, we design robust equipment while also taking into consideration important factors such as quality, cost, and delivery speed.


With a strong drive, we strive to create precise equipment, using only the best technologies.

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